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Feel free to contact me at hammerinvesting@gmail.com or PM me on Twitter via my hammerinvesting handle.

Why “Hammer Investing”?
Constantly attacking myths and the lazy assumptions we make and instead digging into the truth about a situation, like a dispassionate detective free from bias and ego, ought to be the goal of every investor so that is what I strive to do. Hammer Investing seemed like a fitting metaphor.

Investment philosophy
I search for that which is undervalued and where the discount to the intrinsic value provides a large margin of safety. I search in sectors that are either out of favor or in distress. I will usually search in the small cap space as less analyst coverage increases the chance of mispricings.

I go into more depth on this topic in two podcasts I was invited on:


And on Youtube there are two interviews that I have done with SmithWeekly.

Why blog?
First and foremost I hope to learn a lot in the process. Writing enables me to crystalize my thoughts and prevents me from jumping to conclusions too quickly. By publishing my thoughts the idea is to add more pressure on myself to be wrong less often in my analyses and hopefully this will make my processes more thorough than they otherwise would have been. For these reasons I can only recommend for others to also start blogging.

Why write in English when most of the analyses will likely be on Scandinavian companies?
My mother tounge is Danish and quite frankly it would be easier for me to write in Danish than in English. However, when blogging naturally you would like to be read by as wide an audience as possible – and English is the language of finance. Also, Swedes, possibly Norwegians and definitely Finns will have a harder time digesting Danish than English. This does not mean that I discourage readers from commenting in their own language. On the contrary…

On “anonymity”

PM me on Twitter http://twitter.com/hammerinvesting for direct contact and you will know who the author of this blog is. I have no desire to hide my identity, however, I also have no desire to hand over private info to search engines so I won’t do it here.

I do not accept responsibility for losses that are a result of buy/sell recommendations I make. I encourage you to do your own reserarch before making an investment decision.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi been following you for a while now , i would like to know your thoughts on the world nuclear industry status report by mycle shnneider And Antony froggat
    I think is worth trading but pictures an overall negative pircture over nuclear energy , asian construction slowing down , age of reactors etc
    Would be nice if you could read It And give me your honest opinion
    Thanks 😉


    1. That one is harder but it seems underfeeding is in for a tougher time as capacity is coming off. With regards to inventories I have no clue. It seems the only way to know more is when Cameco enters the spot market in Q2/Q3 and we will get a picture of how deep it is.


  2. I was curious of your thoughts on Marin Katusa? There’s not much information out there about uranium and I’ve heard mixed reviews on him


    1. Michael, I’m not a subscriber to his newsletter so I don’t really have a lot of insight. From the interviews I have heard I think he has an ability and willingness to think outside the box and look for alternative views and angles that many lack and that is extremely valuable in investing. I will also say that for newcomers to an industry I think it can be “dangerous” to emerse oneself in the newsletters of others as they can often be self serving. I would rather educate myself first by reading the 10Ks of the main players in the sector (for uranium that would be Cameco, NexGen, Energy Fuels) and then take it from there.

      Once you have done that I would look into what Mike Alkin has to say. He is probably the one who has done the most work in the sector and he has some outstanding presentations on RealVision and on Youtube along with a podcast where he discusses uranium frequently. Adam Rodman from Segra Capital is another good source of information if you are a RealVision subscriber. But again, the 10Ks before anything else. And after that Cameco’s quarterly conference calls are a great source of info on what is going on in the sector right now.

      Just my view but that is how I go about it when looking into a sector I haven’t looked at before.


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