6 thoughts on “Video Post: Wilhelm Wilhelmsen Holding valuation + Peer Analysis (Part 1)

  1. Thanks a lot for breaking the case down like this. Really enjoyed watching it! Would it be possible for you to comment on what levels we could expect the WWASA and Treasure ASA to trade at after the spin off has been completed? Will all current WWASA shareholders at the day of the spin off keep one WWASA share and get one Treasure ASA share, for every current WWASA share they currently hold? And at which price levels do you expect the “new” shares to trade at?


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jesper. Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, your right – you get one of each per WWASA share you own on the day of the spin off.

      Hard to say about the price development of WWASA and Treasure but my best “shoot from the hip guess” would be a combined price around 50 in a year (supposing similar business environment as now) but in the 2-3 months following the spin off Treasure ASA might take a hit because of “forced selling”. But this is pure speculation on my part… I prefer to focus on longterm value and my short term guesses are often very wrong!


  2. thanks for the post hammer! I joined you as an investor in WWIB a few months ago based on your initial posts and this update highlights approximately how undervalued this company is


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